Adding Value at Every Stage

Planning early and finishing strong

Teak Construction creates maximum value for clients by offering a range of services most other construction companies can’t.

Pre-Development Services

  • Equity Sourcing
    Our team has an in-depth financial background, and we know what investors are looking for. We’re experts in helping clients prepare materials to land the deal.
  • Entitlement
    Our team’s deep experience working with municipalities and local governments means we can save clients time and hassle by expertly handling the permitting, zoning, design approval and inspection phases.

Construction Services

Whether you’re building new or doing a value-add project, Teak brings together the right professionals every time—from a local executive team focused on your needs to trusted subcontractors across the country. Services include:

  • Identifying and managing unique challenges during the pre-construction phase
  • Managing production and quality control from beginning to end
  • Project scheduling
  • Project phasing
  • Interior Design spec packages

Post-Project Services

  • Sales and Marketing
    Teak can work with your listing agent to develop a solid marketing package, including photo assets, floorplans and competitive pricing.
  • Warranty
    We’ve provided warranties for projects of all types and sizes across multiple states. Our relationships with trusted insurers allow us to help clients put together the right package for every project.